Welcome to UV Water

Welcome to our website, from here you will find a complete range of UV Water Filters capable of treating and sterilising your household water supply, wether this be for a single tap application or a whole house we have the right UV for your requirements.

UV Advantages

UV is a highly efficient method of killing bacteria and viruses which can be found in untreated water, this works by passing water though a chamber where a UV Light emitting bulb is present. The wavelength of UV light destroys the cell structures DNA therefore neutralising any organism which comes into contact with it.

The beauty of UV is that unlike other treatment methods such as chlorine dosing UV is completely non obtrusive, meaning nothing is added to the water supply for it to be effective.

Other Considerations

It is always recommended that any UV installation has a suitable pre-filter installed, this is to remove any waterborne particles from the incoming feed. The reason pre-filtration needs to be present is because particles and debris can create a shadowing effect from which organisms can escape the harmful UV rays when passing through the chamber, making your UV far less effective.

If this is you first UV filter we stock complete UV kits, which consist of a correctly sized pre-filter and UV combined, along with any other connections you may require.