Our range UV Water Filters have been designed for the treatment of private water supplies.

All UV Water Filters work on the same principle of transmitting UV Light through  water that passes through a sterilisation unit. This process is a highly effective method of killing bacteria, organisms and viruses that can all be found in untreated water supplies.

The basic method of choosing the correct UV filter is to determine the flow rate of your existing water supply.

All our UV filters listed below display the minimum and maximum flow rates in l/ph that each range is capable of.

If this is your first UV then you will also need to consider installing a suitable pre-filter, this is a simple cartridge filter designed to remove any waterborne particles prior to water passing through the UV unit. We offer filter housings and cartridges separately in our Housings and Cartridge Filters Section. Alternatively we also offer UV Water Filter Kits which come complete with a UV, Filter Housing, Cartridge Filter, Mounting bracket and Filter Wrench.

If you need any assistance in sizing the correct UV Filter for your needs then please contact us on +44 (0) 1629 55839 or info@uvwater.co.uk. Our team of experienced engineers will be more than happy to help.